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Looking for a unique and unforgettable place to spend your next holiday getaway? Malta sightseeing tours can provide you with a beautiful experience you will never regret.

With Malta sightseeing tours, you will explore the glorious history and culture of this little island in the heart of the Mediterranean. Unlike most other Mediterranean destinations, Malta is well-loved because its attractions are concentrated in a small area, making tours more convenient and fun.

What are some of the things you can experience with Malta sightseeing tours? There are a lot, and this means a lot.

The natural beauty of nature that you can visibly see as you reach Malta is just a primer to the more beautiful scenic spots you will see as you travel around the island. Aside from its magnificent beaches and bodies of water, you can visit natural structures such as caves in the hypogeum monument, and the caves of Ghar Dalam and Hasan. You can also experience the colorful marine life in Malta by visiting the Blue Grotto. Boat tours might even interest you.

You can experience the rich heritage of Malta through its many forts and museums. Malta sightseeing tours always include a tour to the Palace of the Grand Masters where you can see many beautifully and exquisitely made tapestry and other works of art. The armaments used by the Knights as well as other historical mementos can also be experience here. The Megalithic Monument is also a special destination in Malta which offers another chapter in the island's history.

Aside from history enthusiasts, art lovers will undoubtedly enjoy Malta sightseeing tours. In the National Museum of Archaeology nearby, you will see some of Malta's excellent statues along with amazing paintings.

Malta sightseeing tours should also include a visit to the Cathedral Museum found in Mdina, which also features a wide collection of paintings, woodworks and interesting fossils. The St. Paul's Grotto, Verdala Castle, and Mosta Dome Church are must see places. Tourists must not miss the beach at Xlendi, the mythical Calypso Cave, the very remarkable Gran Castello and San Anton Gardens.

These are just some of the most popular tourist destinations and activates when visiting the island. Malta sightseeing tours vary largely mainly because there are many sites to see. Depending on the time you have at hand to tour the island, you can enjoy what Malta has to offer to its thousand of visitors yearly. You can opt to go on Malta sightseeing tours on your own through guidebooks or online guides, or you can conveniently get a tour agency who will arrange everything for you. Tour companies will charge you extra, but the convenience they offer along with exciting stories they tell about the places you visit may just be well worth the additional cost.

Whatever your personality is, whichever it is that interests you, whatever your preference is for a relaxing holiday, Malta sightseeing tours will surely offer you a vacation that you will not forget in your lifetime. Malta sightseeing tours should be on top of your list for that wonderfully perfect Mediterranean holiday spree.