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Accommodation in Malta What is Available?

Accommodation in Malta is undoubtedly aimed towards the tourist market. What types of accommodation are available in Malta? Well, places to stay in the Maltese islands are similar to what can be expected in every Mediterranean holiday. Majority of them are hotels and apartments in the major tourist areas. If you stay in smaller villages and suburban towns, you will have additional options that cover the entire spectrum.

There is a large choice of Hotels in Malta, ranging from three to five star types. Prices are basically uniform. Almost always, you get what you pay for. If you would like the regular hotel accommodation void of luxury, then you will not be disappointed with the wide range of options you have and the prices. However, if you would like to get the most value out of your money for your accommodation in Malta and book a hotel with some character, reserve ahead to avoid disappointment.

Aside from hotels, there are quite a number of self-catering apartments in Malta, all of which are fairly uniform. Apartments in Malta do not have distinct character; they often provide travelers with the best value. If you want an apartment accommodation in Malta that goes beyond the regular type, you can rent one of the many converted farmhouses in the neighboring island of Gozo. Most of these farmhouses date back three centuries ago, making them an excellent choice for experiencing the local atmosphere at its best.

In the past decades, Malta has rarely been seen as a backpacker's destination. However, in the recent years, hostels have sprung up in Valletta. This type of accommodation in Malta are actually associated with the National Student Travel Service or the NSTS and thus mostly catered for students and young travelers. To stay in a hostel, you will need to have a Hostelling International or HI card. It is worth checking out if you are on a limited budget. Hostels are cheap; they are probably the cheapest form of accommodation in Malta.

Camping in Malta is not an option mainly due to climate reasons. There are practically no official camping grounds in the islands, and wild camping is considered illegal. There are tourists who sleep along the beaches after a night out, but are highly not recommended.

If you would like the cheapest accommodation in Malta, your best option will be to stay in a guesthouse. Guesthouses in Malta are small, family-run bed spaces rather than the usual bed and breakfast. Some guesthouses do not have air conditioning. Toilets and showers are usually shared but clean. It is actually a good place to stay in if you don't need additional perks as in hotels. Be warned though that guesthouse accommodation in Malta are only open during peak tourist season and is closed during the slow months.

There are a wide range of options for accommodation in Malta that fits all types of budget. Take note that during off peak seasons, most accommodation is offered at substantially reduced prices. Also, if you would like to get the best deals, book your holiday ahead.


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