Blue Lagoon Tours


Blue Lagoon Tours

Blue Lagoon Tours

Less than two kilometers from mainland Malta lies the small island of Comino where Blue Lagoon tours are a must. This small island is best for those who find the island of Gozo not tranquil and peaceful enough. The island of Comino is actually barren, but nevertheless picturesque.

The Blue Lagoon is the stretch of water that lies between Comino and the even smaller island of Cominotto. Blue Lagoon tours are very popular because of the lagoon's crystal clear, azure waters. Its floor is untainted pure white sand, making it look like a big, natural swimming pool. The Blue Lagoon is visited by thousands of tourists yearly who either book tours or go there on their own.

The waters of the lagoon are cool, refreshing and simply perfect, although it is a lot deeper than it seems from afar. Around the lagoon are beautiful carved rock formations. It also has a lot of pathways and hiking trails which will interest those who do not wish to sunbath for so long.

Blue Lagoon tours are one of the most popular tours in Malta. It gets crowded in the area during the peak summer months, so it is best to plan ahead. It would also be a good idea to start the tour early on in the morning before tourists start to crowd towards the middle of the day. You can also visit later on in the afternoon and enjoy the spectacular sunset.

Tourists who would like to enjoy the lagoon more can stay the night at the Comino Hotel. This medium sized hotel is the only hotel in the island, and has small bungalow houses that cater to those who would like more privacy in a more secluded place. Getting around the island is fairly easy with minivans provided by the hotel. Otherwise, you can rent a bike or even walk and hike around the island for an hour or two worth of enjoyment. To make the most out of Blue Lagoon tours, you can enjoy diving and snorkeling, along with water skiing in the island.

Aside from its amazing seascape, there are also other sites to see in Comino such as St. Mary's Tower (Santa Maria Tower). There are only a few structures in this small island, and this tower is probably the best there is. It now serves as a home to the island's 4 inhabitants. Blue Lagoon tours are also best topped off with a visit to Comino's caves, which have been historic as a stronghold for pirates hundreds of years ago.

Plainly speaking, there is not that much to see in Comino than its few structures and its beautiful lagoons. However, if your idea of a vacation is a peaceful one that will make you be one with nature, then Blue Lagoon tours are an experience you will treasure for keeps. Take the time to see the rest of Malta by taking Blue Lagoon tours.


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