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Comino Tours

If your idea of a perfect holiday destination is a tranquil hidden paradise, then Comino tours are a must to take. Comino is a little island, only 2 square kilometers in area, found between the islands of Malta and Gozo. Comino can be reached from Cirkewwa in the north-western part of Malta or from Mgarr in Gozo, where you can take a ferry that goes to Comino.

Most visitors take Comino tours to mainly to visit the Blue Lagoon which is a magnificent lagoon found at the northwest part of the island. Its clear azure blue water is an unmatched site to see. Comino tours are best done early in the morning since it usually gets swamped with people later towards the day.

Another special site to see in Comino tours is the Crystal Lagoon with its emerald green waters. It is almost as beautiful as the Blue Lagoon, but since it is surrounded by cliffs, there is very little chance to swim in this body of water. Still, many tourists visit it to enjoy it stunning view.

Found less than a hundred meters from Comino is the island of Cominotto. If you would like to escape the crowd in Comino, you can hire a boat or even swim towards the island from the Blue Lagoon. Comino tours are perfect to have with water sports. You can go diving or snorkeling on its beautiful waters. You can arrange a diving trip which will provide for both accommodation and will take you to the spectacular diving sites.

Comino only has a few structures, the main site to see of which is the Santa Maria Tower. It stands on top of the hill and can easily be recognized even from afar. This tower was once a leprosy colony building, but now serves as a home for the 4 inhabitants of the island. A visit to this tower is a must in Comino tours. Aside from the tower, Comino has a police station and a hotel with a number of small bungalows where visitors can stay in. The island also has a number of caves which were once used by pirates as a stronghold for their attacks on luxury boars crossing from Gozo and Malta.

There are only about two or three cars in Comino, and these belong to the hotel and the locals. There is a shuttle minivan that takes you from the bungalows to the hotel itself. If you would like to get around, you can rent a mountain bike (rented out by the hotel). Biking around Comino is a pleasant experience but the rent may not be all that cheap. Otherwise, Comino tours can be done by walking and hiking the entire island for an hour or two.

The Comino Hotel is a medium sized hotel which is actually very decent to stay in. Staying in this hotel in Comino tours will give tourists the chance to explore the Blue Lagoon early on before the crowds start to claim it towards the day. The bungalows, although secluded, gives anyone who stay there the tranquility that can not be found elsewhere in the Maltese islands.

Comino tours are a must for its very spectacular farmhouses, for its remoteness, nature reserve, and spectacular views.


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