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Gozo Tours

Main Highlights of Gozo Tours

Gozo tours will bring you to a vacation haven that is like no other. When visiting Malta, a visit to this island must never be missed.

Gozo tours are convenient - it only takes 20 minutes to reach Gozo via a ferry ride. Reaching Gozo, you will realize how it is not much different from the rest of Malta. However, Gozo tours provide attractions and excursions that can not be seen elsewhere in the islands. Gozo has a distinct character that sets it apart. It is noticeably greener with richer foliage.

With Gozo tours, you will experience a roster of places of interest that are breathtaking. Starting off with the Citadel or the Gran Castello found in Victoria, which will enchant you with its aura of mystery. It dates back the medieval times; the majestic Cathedral and the museums housed in the area are worth a visit.

Another special feature of Gozo tours is a visit to the Ggantija. This architecture dates back 3600 and 2400 BC, making this one of the earliest architectural structures in the world. It is even much older than the Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. The slabs of the Ggantija weigh several tons and stands six meters high. While in the area, you can also visit the nearby underground caves in Xaghra, and the Menhir at Qala.

If you are in the mood for some swimming, the inland sea of Azure Window is very ideal to include in Gozo tours. Its name can be attributed to the fact that it resembles a giant window where underneath the azure waves sparkle and shimmer nicely.

The Dwejra in the south western area is also worth a visit in Gozo tours. It offers magnificent scenery of the entire island. Behind the cliffs, you can find the Inland Sea which is a pond of shallow water. When the water is calm, tourists can ride a boat into the cliff face's narrow tunnel towards the open Mediterranean and enjoy the stunning view. Near the Inland Sea lies the Fungus Rock which was a very popular landmark in history. Both the Fungus Rock and the Azure Window can be seen when you cruise the tunnel.

Those who love mythology will surely be interested in visiting the Calypso Cave. According to the popular legend, this is the place where the nymph Calypso seduced Ulysses and kept him as a prisoner of love for seven years. According to tourists, there is a strange feeling that seems to grip you when you enter the cave, and the view from which is breath-taking. From the shore line, you can see remains of fortification structures built in the mid 18th century.

Gozo tours are never complete without a visit to one of the popular bays of Gozo. You can choose from the Ramla Bay, considered to be one of the most stunning sandy beaches in Malta; the Xlendi, which is slightly smaller but clean and seemingly more dramatic; or the Marsalform, which offers a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


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