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As one of the Mediterranean's most visited tourist destinations, Malta has hundreds of hotels to accommodate its millions of travelers yearly. Hotels in Malta are mostly catered for package tourists. Especially in the peak summer months, most hotels are block booked by travel agencies offering package tours. Still, there are a number of hotels catering to individual travelers, but most are almost always packed up during peak seasons.

The cost of hotels in Malta varies greatly depending on the season and location. If you visit the islands within the quiet, slow months from November to March (excluding Christmas and New Year), hotel rates are often offered at substantial discount, although some hotels in the not so popular areas of the island close during the cold winter months. Peak seasons are in the summer months of June, July, August and September. In these months, hotels in Malta charge rates that are as much as ten times more than that of the off-peak. Expectedly, hotels strategic to the most popular tourist areas are more costly than those located further away from the center.

Most hotels in Malta are found in the northern part of the island, around Valletta, its capital city and in St. Julian's. When choosing a hotel, it is important to consider which destinations in the island you would like to visit. Even if Malta is a relatively small place, getting around distances beyond walking distance is still not that easy. Of course, hiring a car or riding taxis can be an option, but this will cost you quite a sum. Thus, choosing a hotel must not be taken for granted. Booking a package tour which includes hotels, area tours and transfers, although a lot more pricey, may give you the convenience of a stress- and concern-free trip.

Whether you choose to book a package tour or go on a DIY adventure, hotels in Malta will provide you with all the amenities you need for a very pleasant holiday spree.

All hotels in Malta are regulated closely by the Malta Tourism Authority. They are graded from the basic 2 star tier to the luxury 5 star hotels. Almost all of the higher four and five star hotels offer its travelers a holiday where they practically don't need to leave the hotel premises to enjoy an amazing Maltese holiday. Amenities offered by these hotels include fully-equipped bars, swimming pools and spa, restaurants, sports activities, gym, among others.

Aside from hotels, tourists can choose from alternative accommodation options which include villas, apartments, and converted farmhouses in Gozo.

If you choose to find your own hotel booking, you can check the Internet for a list of hotels in Malta nearest to the places you'd like to see. There are various discount hotel booking sites which might give you better value for your money. Remember though that will hotels, your hotel experience is commensurate to the amount you pay for your stay. Better yet, ask your travel agent for hotel options before booking your tour.


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