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Hypogeum Tours

Hypogeum Tours

Hypogeum tours are a must for all avid travellers. It is a rare site to see, not to mention how only a few can get the chance to experience it at one time.

The Hypogeum is a grand subterranean structure which was excavated around 2500 BC. "Hypogeum" is a Greek word which comes from words "hypo" (under) and "Gaia" (earth), and literally means so. According to what can be seen today, it is referred to as an underground pre-Christian era tomb or temple. It is thought to have originally been a sanctuary, and eventually became a necropolis.

The Hypogeum is located in a town on the island of Malta, called Paola. Also referred to as the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, it is probably the most impressive and the best site to see in Malta. This is named as a World Heritage Site with its archaeological structures. Preservation of the site is ongoing, so Hypogeum tours are relatively difficult to book.

A few years back, Hypogeum tours were stopped and the site was closed for a number of years. The carbon dioxide breathed out by the huge number of visitors it has years before did some serious damage to the walls of the site. Although it is now open again to welcome tourists, it is still being controlled and closely monitored to ensure its preservation. Taking photographs while underground is prohibited.

The wide underground site is made up of passageways, hallways and rooms that cover about 500 square meters, which are cut into the rock. Through Hypogeum tours, it is easy to see how there are 3 different levels in the necropolis as far as the digging and craftsmanship is concerned. The upper level, the oldest dating back 3600-3300BC, consists of a passageway and a central hall containing chambers cut on the sides. The middle level dates back 3300-3000BC and you will see burial chambers with carved facades. The lower level is the newest and dates back 3000-2400BC, is empty and can be explained by the fact that the temple age just ended.

Hypogeum tours are difficult to book mainly because there are only 80 people who are allowed to experience the underground structures in one day. This number gets booked up fast and early. Do not just show up there and expect Hypogeum tours to be right at your doorstep. You will need a few weeks to even months, depending on the season.

Hypogeum tours begin with a film and a brief exhibition with an introduction of the necrological site. You will know how the structures below are related to the structures above the ground. This will be a good chance for you not only to find out more about this exciting place, but to cool yourself up before you begin to enter the underground temples.

There is a distinct sacred and surreal feeling that leaves a mark on almost all travellers going on Hypogeum tours. It is indeed one of the most magnificent ancient monuments ever to exist. Try to book your tour early on to make sure you get the slot.

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