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When visiting Malta, one of the ways to make the most out of your time there is to try Malta boat charters. The Maltese islands is rich in maritime history and beautiful seascape. Naturally, it has many great facilities for those who love the sea. The Maltese coast line is full of inlets and bays, many of which are secluded and not accessible if you do plan land tours.

There are many companies in Malta offering boat charter services. Most of them offer it at great rates depending on various factors. If you want to get the best deals, plan ahead. Most boat charter companies in Malta have websites so make sure you surf around for the best offer before your vacation. You can also shop around when you're in the area by making a few phone calls. Rates are usually uniform, but you can choose from a range of boats and additional services provided.

Malta boat charters are a must to experience especially when travelling with a group or if you have experience at sailing. You can go on a boat for a whole day excursion or a brief yet amazing evening sail which includes a peek at the Mediterranean sunset.

Alternatively, most travel companies offer package tours which include Malta boat tours. However, Malta boat charter tours are a lot more special and personal. In the entire trip, you will be the owner of the boat - the thrill, excitement and the best experience is yours for the day. You will also be given options on how to go about with your tours.

Malta boat charters are expectedly very costly, but will surely be the highlight of any visitor’s trip. You will experience how it is to be surrounded by insurmountable beauty on the one hand, and with raw power and elegance on the other.

A Malta boat charter trip is perfect holiday for couples, honeymooners, families and friends. You can have tailor made packages that will suit all tastes and preferences. With a boat charter, you can visit the Blue Lagoon in Comino and drop by to visit its wondrous caves, go through the Paradise Bay in the main island, the beautiful marina in Gozo and the Calypso island, the Grand Harbour, you can even go as far as Sicily, which is only 60 miles away. As the boat cruises around the harbor by the cities of Valletta and Cottonera, you will also experience the unmatched beauty emanating from the 16th century fortifications that tower majestically above.

Aside from sightseeing, Malta boat charters excursions may also include swimming, snorkeling, diving, even fishing trips. Meals, snacks, drinks (including wines), equipment for snorkeling and fishing and everything else are usually prepared for you by the Malta boat charter company and is included in the price you pay.

Malta boat charters will allow you to see and experience the Maltese islands in a different perspective. A private charter trip is very ideal for exploring the island's stunning coastline along with its amazing cliff formations, beautiful bays and historical harbor.


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