Malta Boat Trips


Malta Boat trips

Malta Boat Trips: See the Best of Malta

The Maltese islands is equipped with complete facilities for those who love the sea. This should not be surprising, since Malta offers some the most beautiful seascape in the Mediterranean. The Maltese coast line is rich in the stunning inlets and bays, and many of them are curiously secluded making them highly inaccessible by land. Going to Malta boat trips will make you fully and completely experience the views and sights in Malta - something that is not possible only with land tours.

There are a number of choice of Malta boat trips you can take. You can take a trip around the island, or harbour cruises or trips that allow you to look at the bottom of the harbor, among many others.

Malta boat trips that take you around the island usually last a few hours to a whole day. Schedules of boat trips may vary depending on the season. These boat tours are perfect vantage points that allow you to see the varied and altogether beautiful coastline of the island. They generally move along the North coast, and pass by bays and inlets, where you can see the historical and city structures from afar. Tours around the island will also allow you to take a peek at the equally stunning islands of Gozo and Comino.

Harbour cruises are another favorite in Malta boat trips. This cruise will take you to Malta's rich historical past. From the Mgarr Harbour along side the island of Comino going towards the Bay of Mellieha, you can see the most amazing structures built from centuries ago. In this boat trip, will see the view of the Grand Harbour which is most picturesque and breathtaking.

Boat trips to Gozo are equally magnificent as you pass by sites such as the Dweijra cliffs and the Inland Sea, go through various caves with its amazing formations, view the Azure Window and the Fungus Rock and the Blue Hole from an entirely different perspective.

Malta boat trips are hosted by a number of tour companies which specialize in sea tours. They have various options that you can choose from. The rates of the tours vary greatly depending on the boat to be used, the scope of the boat trip, the inclusions, among other factors. Note though that in the summer, these boat trips may be more difficult to book. It is best to book ahead if you would like to make the most out of Malta boat trips.

If you would like to take a trip around the island without travelling with strangers, you can hire or rent your own boat. Private yacht charter is possible in Malta, although they expectedly do not come cheap. But at the end of the day, you will know that it surely was worth every cent.

The amazing natural harbors, hidden coves and bays, and awe-inspiring caves should not be missed when you visit Malta. Try one of the Malta boat trips and see for yourself all the best that Malta has to offer.


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