Malta Group Tours


Malta Group Tours

Guide to Malta Group Tours

If you want a fun and enjoyable vacation, travelling in groups is probably one of the best, not to mention affordable, ways to spend your holidays in a special trip. Why don't you, your family and your friends go on Malta group tours? Malta offers you an exciting array of possibilities right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Why travel on Malta groups tours? As you probably know, group travel is advantageous because you can get group rates and discounts, making your travel a lot more affordable. It can also provide you with an added feeling of security when travelling that is not possible when travelling on your own. Aside from that, Malta group tours can also be an excellent way to meet new people if you are not travelling with a private group. With group travels, you can just relax and enjoy your trip without having to worry about where to go next and how to get there. You also save on time and effort to do your own research on how to tour Malta on your own.

Whether you wish to travel with strangers who share the same interests or with exclusive company in Malta group tours, there are a wide range of types of tours to choose from. You can also choose your type of tour depending on your personal preferences. Malta offers an endless array of possibilities in terms of holiday experience. Here are some of them. 

  • Tour of architectural and/ or archaeological interest. You can experience the stunning sites of Malta which you thought you can only see in postcards. Experience Malta with a group of tourists and get awed by its amazing architecture, and take a peek at its history through ruins and archaeological sites.

  • Diving tours. Malta prides of its diving locations well loved by divers. If diving is your cup of tea, invite your fellow diving enthusiasts for a diving tour around the Maltese islands.

  • Watersports, Windsurfing and sailing tours. As in most other Mediterranean destinations, Malta offers watersports and sailing tours where you can enjoy the beauty of the sea and beaches around the islands. Do not forget your sun block and swimsuits!

  • Night life, clubbing and parties. Malta group tours for the young party-lovers are also available. Malta has a very colorful nightlife joined by locals and tourists alike.

  • Tour of religious sites. Malta is known to be a center for activities and movements of the Christian religion. Take a tour around world famous cathedrals, majestic churches and other religious landmarks.

  • Sports tours including golf, rugby, football and water polo. Who says outdoor activities can not be done in Malta? Malta group tours can also include sports, the most popular of which is golf and water polo. Experience these sports in a place like no other.

  • Art and museum tours. Malta has a glorious heritage and you can experience it altogether through museums. Their museums showcase a wide range of art and historical exhibits which will give you lots of insight about the island's magnificent history.

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