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Malta Holidays - The Perfect Choice for a Mediterranean Vacation

Malta is a relatively small yet magnificent island which measures only about 30 kilometers from end to end. It is known for its panoramic beaches, but there is more to Malta holidays that meets the eye, making it even more perfect as a vacation destination.

Malta is very near Sicily in Italy. With its strategic location, it is not surprising how many tourists flock to the area every year. The Maltese locals are also world renowned for their warmth, helpfulness and hospitality, making Malta holidays even easier.

Why choose Malta holidays? There are so many reasons why you should choose Malta to be your next holiday destination. The island offers something good for everyone. Everywhere you see on the islands, you will see picturesque beauty. From its beautiful beaches to the amazing landscape, from the magnificent ancient structures and architecture to the majestic cathedrals, from watersports to the very exciting nightlife -  Malta simply has it all.

Malta is a great adventure destination. You will not run out of things to do - walking and hiking along the historic streets, water sports options such as windsurfing and paragliding, diving at many of Mediterranean's best diving spots, yachting around to see the island's most magnificent views.

Malta holidays should include a visit to the many famous villages in Malta. You can check out Valletta, Malta's capital city and Malta's commercial and administrative center, with its rich archeological structures and magnificent churches. You can also take a peek at Mdina, Malta's old capital and walk through its narrow peaceful streets as if you are going back in time. Crossing the mainland to visit the more peaceful islands of Gozo and Comino is a must.

The coastline in Malta is famous all over the world for its panoramic views that can literally take your breath away. Make sure you make the most out of your Malta holidays by hitting the beach. Resorts have well-equipped facilities to make the adventure even more exciting - try out jet skiing, banana boat rides, para-sailing, canoeing, paragliding, and so much more.

One should not miss walking and hiking through the very lush trails of Malta. Breathe in some fresh air and appreciate the villages, ancient sites and the history that beautifully surrounds them. Do not miss mingling with the locals as they host their fiestas all throughout the year. Celebrate with the locals with food, drink, music and amazing fireworks

As in all other Mediterranean destinations, Malta is most visited during the summer season when everything is crowded. Summer time is between July and August. If you would like to enjoy Malta holidays more without having to battle the crowd, an ideal time to visit the Maltese islands is between April to June. During these off peak months, hotels and tour companies usually offer discounted rates.

Malta holidays are truly a must to try. Malta is truly a gem in the Mediterranean with all the beauty, adventure and life it offers.


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