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When planning on a holiday in Malta, or in any destination for that matter, one of the most important things to worry about is your accommodation. Malta has become a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean, such that the hotel industry in the island has flourished. Malta hotels are numerous and wide-ranging to suit all tastes and budgets.

Malta hotels range from the regular 2-star hotels, bed and breakfasts, to deluxe options with health and spa centers, to more luxurious club hotels. The newest of Malta hotel resorts can be found in St. Julian's and Silema. These hotels often cater to independent travelers not going on package ours. Malta hotels in Valetta are well sought because they are strategically located and inherit the historic atmosphere of the capital city.

Most tourists who visit Malta get tour packages which already include hotel accommodations. Booking tours through an agency is always more convenient than going to trips on your own. However, this convenience may cost you an arm and probably a leg too. Thus, it is best to try to get the best deals and enjoy better value from your money.

With the wide range of possibilities, how can you going about getting the best hotel deals in Malta?

First, it is important to plan your trip ahead. If it is alright for you to travel during off-peak seasons, then do so. Malta hotels usually offer the cheapest rates during non-peak seasons. It is also very easy to book rooms furring slow months, and this will save you on a lot of headache.

Shop around. Do not make the mistake of calling the hotel and booking right there and then without comparing prices. Many online agencies offer cheaper rates, although make sure you only deal with legitimate companies. Ask for quotation; surf around for cheaper rates, then compare.

Malta hotels are scattered all over the island. If you are planning on a DIY trip, make sure you book a hotel that is near the area that you would like to visit. Although Malta is a small island, transportation may get costly. If you would like the sights in Valetta and visit only the areas nearby, then get a hotel in Valletta. Hotel rates in Valletta may be more expensive, but you will save on transportation fees and time getting to places. If you want to spend most of your time relaxing in Comino, getting a hotel in this neighboring island is most practical.

Always ask about tourist taxes, service charges, parking fees if applicable and other fees that the hotel may charge. You wouldn't like to be surprised at the end of your stay.

All Malta hotels, big or small, luxury or not, can provide tourists with a comfortable and relaxing holiday. Whether you choose to book your tours with a travel company or find your way on your own, a holiday in Malta will truly be a trip you will remember for more reasons than one.


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