Malta Shopping Tours


Malta Shopping Tours

Malta Shopping Tours

Tourists do not realize how Malta is as much a shopping zone as it is a sightseeing area. Malta shopping tours are a must and should be part of your Malta holiday spree.

Shopping in Malta is equally exciting. Its colorful markets are laden with fresh fish; the shopping plazas are laden with fashion items; the quaint shops in the capital city of Valletta - there are just so many things around that you can't resist taking home.

Malta shopping tours should include the following areas:

Valletta - The capital city is not only popular for its sights, but tourists and locals alike can indulge themselves in the quaint, backstreet shops that sell almost everything. Valletta does not have the large department stores, but small boutiques with owners welcoming and assisting you. You can visit the Embassy Complex, which also houses a cinema and the Savoy Shopping Center.

Bargains are very easy to find. You can walk along the Republic Street which showcases a wide range of locally-made goods as well as international brands. Among them include household, glass, craft shops, restorers, music stores, jewelry shops, book stores, cosmetics, along with designer names, and many other. Valletta is also home to a number of small shopping malls and arcades. This is truly a must see for shopping enthusiasts.

Sliema - Sliema is also a very popular spot for shopping. There are a lot of boutiques, shops, including the Tigne Shopping Center, and the shopping areas of Hamrun and Paola.

Gozo - If you were to take a side trip to the island of Gozo, take home their fine wool and handmade laces which are renowned worldwide. You can walk along the daily market in the main square of Victoria to see more of Gozo's renowned goods.

Malta Markets - Markets are worth visiting in Malta. They are not only the center of commerce, but Malta shopping tours in markets are a cultural tour on its own. Each village and town has its own version of their market and may differ. For the locals, the market is not only a place for getting their daily necessities, but also for socialization, for local news, and for catching up with the goings on with their neighbors. Immerse yourself with some local color and take a peek at their mainstreem goods.

There are weekly markets that you can check out in Birgu, right on the outskirts of the village of Cospicua. You can also check out the Marsaxlokk fish market which sells the freshest of fish. Supermarkets are all over Malta, and are very convenient.

The most popular products of Malta include blown glass, pottery, weaved goods, ceramics, intricately woven lace, wool, and copper and brass items. Malta is also popular for its silver and gold filigree work. When taking Malta shopping tours, note that they take siesta (afternoon) breaks so stores are generally open from Mondays through Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM, and resume from 4PM to 7PM. Shopping areas are usually closed on Sundays.


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