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Malta taxi tours are also an excellent option to those who would like to see more about this amazing archipelago.

Malta taxi tours are a must for those who would like to be independent in going around, but do not want the responsibility of having to rent a car and drive it on their own. Note that in this place, driving is on the left hand side - something they got from the British. If you are used to driving on the right hand, you may need to reorient yourself before driving. Of course, a national or international license is necessary to drive in Malta.

Again, if rent a car is not an option, hiring a taxi to take you to the most popular areas is a good option. In Malta, there are two types of taxis. The white taxis are renowned to be the ravenous type with relatively expensive fares. These are the types of taxis that you can call off the street to take you to your next destination. They are by far the most convenient and comfortable means of transportation in Malta, if you do not mind the price you have to pay. White taxis have taxi meters which are generally ignored, expect to pay quite a sum even for short distances for this convenience.

If you would like to get better deals with Malta taxi tours, you might be better off using the black taxis. Their rates are usually lower than those of white colored taxis. Their drivers are usually friendlier and smarter. However, these services have to be booked at least fifteen minutes beforehand. You simply call the taxi company, and then give them instructions on where to pick you up and where you need to go.

Two of the largest and most reliable taxi companies in Malta are Wembley and Swansea. Taxi companies, at least the black ones, offer fairly uniform charges. Their services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although there might be expected delays during peak season. If you already have your itinerary planned, it is best to book with them a day or two ahead. You can ask your hotel concierge or visit their website for their contact information.

Malta taxi tours will cost you more than if you would take public transportation. This is a price you have to pay for the convenience you enjoy, the time you save and the stress-free holiday experience. To save yourself from unpleasant surprises, make sure you are aware of normal taxi rates before you actually get on one. Ask the driver or the taxi company about the rate to your destination before you agree on booking Malta taxi tours with them. Also, if you are travelling in groups, Malta strictly imposes a maximum number of passengers (only 4 persons) per taxi. If travelling in a group of 5, mini-bus tours may be a better option.

If you would like to experience Malta on your own and do a customized excursion, Malta taxi tours will definitely be the best option. If you do not mind the additional cost, that is.


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