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Malta Temple Tour

Malta Temple Tour : A Journey to Prehistory

Malta temple tours are a must for anyone who travels to this beautiful Mediterranean island. Malta and Gozo are home to seven megalithic temples, all of which are designated as world heritage sites by UNESCO. These megalithic temples date back 5500 years ago, and are the oldest free-standing stone structures in the world, even older than the Stonehenge and the Pyramids. It is also home to more than thirty other temples, all of which reflect Malta's rich past.

Malta temple tours will take you to a time thousands of years ago where you can witness the development of the temple tradition of the area. These sacred places you will visit will fill you with an aura of mystery, a feel of ancient wisdom, and an enigmatic atmosphere of long lost legends. You will wonder who actually built them and how they did it, why there are just so many of them in a little area, and what these were actually for.

Almost all of the temples in Malta can be visited through the inexpensive Maltese bus system plus a ferry trip to the island of Gozo. When going to Malta temple tours, it may not be practical to visit all 40 temples in the island, lest you tire yourself out and the mystery will lose its color.

Malta temple tours are best designed to give you an opportunity to experience for yourself the profound and very sacred places in Malta. With these tours, you have the chance to establish a connection with the ancient energies present in the temples. If you believe in the power of reinvigoration, then Malta temple tours will provide you all these and more.

You will notice how Maltese temples are usually constructed out of stone, in a cloverleaf floor plan. Mostly, they consist of incomplete domes and horizontal arches. The temple curvatures will remind you of underground burial chambers, and you will come to imagine the circular plan of dwellings then.

Malta temple tours are fairly easy since most of them lie near each other. Only one temple is found outside the island of Malta. Often, there are at least two temple sites that lie close to each other. Among the temples in Malta that should not be missed by a traveler are the Hagar and Qim, the Mnajdra and Tarxien, and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. You can also visit the Ggantija in Gozo and those in Valletta.

While visiting temples, it is also worthwhile to visit museums nearby which holds many artifacts taken from these temple sites through the centuries. This will put all the sites you see in your Malta temple tours into perspective.

Malta temple tours will undoubtedly gain you better appreciation on the impact of ancient civilization in our world and time today. The builders of these temples seem to not only be highly skilled at putting together limestone structures and quarrying, but they have amazingly developed a very organized religion through these temples.

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