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The islands of Malta offers each of its tourists a holiday that is like no other. Situated right at the center of the Mediterranean in all its beauty, there is a lot to see and so much to do on these small islands. Malta tourism pride of its historical structures that date back thousands of years ago, its archaeological temples, castles, and amazing culture, all of which will leave you breath-taken. With its year-round sun and warm subtle climate, you can bask in outdoor living.

Malta tourism has grown in the past few years, as more and more people become aware of the hidden beauty that lies in these islands. In Malta, you can experience seven thousand years worth of history that lives majestically in the present. There are a wide array of things to discover. Everywhere you go, the architecture and the scenery will grip you, and the golden sandy beaches will unleash the sea lover in you.

The continuous effort of Malta tourism has been successful through the years. It is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the Mediterranean due partyl to tourism efforts. On the most part, the hospitality, warmth and helpfulness of the locals have contributed largely to the increase in tourist number yearly.

Just last year, Malta tourism has improved greatly with its adoptation of the euro currency as in the rest of Europe. Its entry in the Schengen area has led to the growth of its European tourist base. Being just a stone throw away from European mainland, it is not easy to visit Malta by taking any of the accessible regional flights.

As more and more people visit Malta yearly, the Maltese islands have successfully coped well with the demands of tourism through the construction of new and expansion of existing hotels, and improvement of facilities and services. Malta has also become a good place for hosting conferences, business meetings and events with its top of the line facilities and modern technology that caters to every corporate need.

Although Malta tourism relies heavily on tours, it highly encourages do-it-yourself trips as you go off the beaten trail and see all the most popular sites on your own. It is fairly easy to go around Malta. It is a small place with most of its attractions concentrated in certain areas.

There are various tourist information offices available in Malta. The Malta Tourism Authority provides useful information for tourists through brochures, pamphlets and help desks scattered around the island. The Malta Tourism Authority hosts a website where you can find everything you need to know about Malta. You can check it by visiting  Alternatively, you may contact their toll free local number at 8007230, or visit the Malta Tourism Authority through their offices at the International Airport, at the City Gate in Valletta and in Victoria in Gozo.

The Maltese islands is one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean. Visit Malta now and see the beauty of nature and history brought together in one amazing place.


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