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Malta Vacations: Where to Go in Malta

Malta, located at the center of the Mediterranean, is a perfect place for a memorable holiday getaway. On the one hand, with Malta vacations you can enjoy the island's clear blue skies, azure waters, sandy beaches, and secluded bays. On the other hand, you can experience history and culture at its best with their quaint towns, walled citadels and majestic churches, all of which reflect the rich heritage in the Maltese Islands.

Those who have experienced Malta vacations know that there are quite a number of tourist destinations in Malta. Tours around the three major islands will fill you with a sense of history, as if you are going back in time. Here are some of the destinations which should not be missed in Malta vacations.

Built towards the end of the 19th century by the Knights, Valletta is Malta's capital city and seat of government. Because of its historical significance, it has been named a World Heritage City. It is easy to walk around Valletta and enjoy its attractive sites which include St. John's Cathedral, the Grand Master's Palace, the Manoel Theater and the National Museum of Archaeology.

Mdina, Malta's old capital, lies on top of a hilltop which towers over the rest of the Maltese Islands. It is one of the most magnificent surviving examples of medieval fortifications today. Malta vacations in Mdina include a visit to the Palazzo Falcon with its collection of art and antiques, its impregnable Baroque Cathedral, and a walking tour around the area.

When going on Malta vacations, tourists never miss appreciating the Baroque Churches in Rabat, along with the Roman Villa, St Paul's and St. Agatha's Catacombs. The Dingli Cliffs, Chadwick Lake, Verdala Castle and the Blue Grotto are also exciting destinations in this part of the island.

Other Destinations
Near Paolo lies the Hypogeum, which is one of the highlights of Malta vacations. It is an ancient underground burial site, now also named as a World Heritage site. Close to the area are Maltese fishing communities of Massacala, Birzebbugia and Marsaxlokk, the last of which houses the Temple of Juno, a religious site for the ancient Greeks.

For many people, Malta vacations are all about Mediterranean beaches and resorts. The most popular resorts in Malta lies on the north coast, and these are ideal for water sports, sailing and skin diving. You can check out beaches such as the Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, and the bays of Ghajn Tuffiha, Armier and Mellieha.

Gozo and Comino
Malta vacations should include a side trip to its smaller islands, Gozo and Comino. A trip to Victoria in Gozo offers panoramic views of the entire island. The Citadel, Xaghra caves and the basilica at Ta Pinu are also great to visit.

In Comino, you can experience the island's laid back lifestyle and enjoy its sandy coves and beautiful bays. Comino is a good place for those whose idea of Malta vacations is pure relaxation and quiet holidays.


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