Mdina Tours


Mdina Tours

Mdina tours should never be missed in every Malta itinerary. Mdina is Malta's ancient capital. It rests in a very majestic way, on top of a hilltop right at the center of the island. Mdina tours are also called "tours to the Silent City" because of its literally quiet and narrow streets that give off a quaint yet very homey atmosphere.

Mdina is not only considered to be one of Malta's precious jewels, but this ancient walled city is one of the best medieval fortifications. Mdina tours will provide you magnificent views of the entire Maltese landscape. At the top, the majestic domes of Baroque cathedrals rise and the aura of a poignant history will strike you in no time.

Since Mdina is isolated from the rest of the Maltese island through fortifying walls, entering the city at the start of Mdina tours instantly leads visitors to a journey back in time. Many travellers consider Mdina to be a historical theme park which has been trapped well into the past. Only those who choose to experience this ancient city can understand what this means. Whatever it is, a unique atmosphere of history and mystery will surely grip you.

Half a day is enough for Mdina tours. The main attractions in the city is the Cathedral the designs of which have become the inspiration of many other churches later built in the islands. Cathedral museums are also a must see in Mdina tours. These cathedral museum houses offer a wide variety of small but stunning collections of art and antiques. The most notable is a fine collection of woodcut prints by Durer. Collections of paintings, silver, furniture, jewelry, armor, coins and so on, are displayed in Palazzo Falson, one of the oldest buildings in the area. Aside from panoramic views and majestic cathedral domes, appreciating Mdina's art should be part of Mdina tours.

Mdina is historically significant because a long time ago, this island flourished lavishly as the home of Malta's aristocrats and the home of the governing council. Today, Mdina is internationally known for its unique styles in glass work. Its incredible colours and unique designs can be easily recognized. A visit to the Mdina Glass Blowing Factory will allow you to experience the art of glass.

Mdina's high walls seem to keep off the pollution and the noise coming from the rest of the island. There are less than 400 permanent residents here with very few cars, making it an ideal place for relaxation and a quiet stroll. As you stroll around the narrow alleys, you will feel as if nothing has changed since a millennium ago.

Mdina tours are always best done with a local guide, who is knows well about the city's rich history. Of course, you can still choose to tour around the area on your own. Mdina tours after the peak hours will also be a good idea. Take a journey back in time, immerse yourself with an amazing sense of history and enjoy walking around the quiet streets.

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