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Tours in Gozo

Tours in Gozo will take you away from the rather busy lifestyle in mainland Malta. Only 20 minutes away by ferry, Gozo offers the tranquility of nature that may be difficult to find in the busy, tourist-laden districts of Malta.

Compared to mainland Malta, you can find a more varied geology and more distinct contrasts in Gozo. There are only about 30 thousand people who live in Gozo, a number which is just a twelfth of the population in Malta. This translates to a peaceful, quiet countryside. Locals of Gozo rely mainly on fishing and agriculture for livelihood and by now, you should get a picture of what to expect.

There is more to tours in Gozo than just the quiet countryside. If you take a tour around Gozo, you will see the legendary, majestic, historical and cultural sides of this island. Tours in Gozo usually start with a visit to the prehistoric temples of Ggantija in Xaghra, which is the most notable tourist attraction in this island. Here lies the oldest known human free standing structure, and the homes of the first settlers.

In Dwejra lies the beautiful seascape, one of the best in the Mediterranean. Tours in Gozo should include a trip to the Azure Window with its impressive arch; the Inland Sea, which is a secluded bathing area surrounded by cliffs with natural clear waters; and the Fungus Rock (also known as General's Rock), which is said to grow a very rare tubular plant said to cure many illnesses.

The legendary side of Gozo can be experienced with a visit to the Calypso Cave. Based in Homer's book, this is where Calypso, with her beauty and charms, kept Odysseus for seven years. On the other hand, a visit to the Ta Pinu Basilica may interest you. This church is a center for pilgrimages and a national shrine; many people attest that this church is miraculous.

The Citadel or the Gran Castello should not be missed when visiting Gozo. This is the only majestic church structure in the island without a dome. Along with nearby old houses, you can walk the streets and feel history around you at its finest.

Tours in Gozo are always best topped with shopping excursions. A visit to Victoria's It-Tokk will lead you to Gozo's principal flea market. Gozo is renowned for its intricately made lace and wool, which are both a must to take home.

Tours in Gozo typical last a few hours to a whole day. Gozo is a very small island, making it easy to get around and visit all its wonderful attractions. You can enjoy an afternoon of brisk walking as you journey back in time. You may rent a car and enjoy driving along its quiet streets, or take a cruise around the island and watch the magnificent views in a different perspective.

A holiday in Malta would never be complete without a short trip to the nearby island of Gozo. Tours in Gozo will definitely make your Mediterranean more special and worth remembering.


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