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Reasons Why Tours of Gozo Should be a Part of Your Itinerary

If you are visiting Malta, tours of Gozo should never be missed in your itinerary. Gozo is a small island right next to mainland Malta. It is comparably similar to Malta in many ways, as far as scenic spots are concerned. However, Gozo offers simplicity, tranquillity and quiet that Malta can not. Hence, tours of Gozo are usually more laid back as you experience the beauty and stillness of the countryside.

Tours of Gozo can be your escape from the hustle and bustle of Malta. It is very accessible from the mainland and will surely be a trip you will never forget. Gozo is just about a 20-minute ferry ride from Malta. This short distance makes it very easy to explore for a day (or even half) if you are out of time. Tours of Gozo range from a few hours to one whole day, depending on how much of the island you would like to experience.

The locals of Gozo thrive on agriculture and fishing, so you will see their small villages dotting the island. Standing along with a number of majestic architectural spots are their farmhouses made of limestone, rolling hills surrounded by the Mediterranean azure waters.

Tours to Gozo offers tranquillity that can be found rarely nowadays. The area itself exudes peacefulness that is unexplainable, but can only be cherished by those who experience it. With its beauty lies deep traditions and roots that you will surely appreciate. Some of the must see sites include the Ggantija Temples, which is one of the most impressive of all the ruins in Malta. It is home to the first settlers, and is considered as the oldest human structure to exist in the whole world. Moving forward, you can take a look at the majestic church of Ta-Pinu, where many people attest to be miraculous. You may just make your very own miracle come true.

As you approach Gozo, it is easy to see how this island is much greener than the rest of Malta. What lies with these greeneries are the quaint village which characterizes Gozo. Take the time to mingle with the locals and experience their old traditions - visit the Fontana and witness how the local wash their clothes on this washing hole as locals has hundreds of years ago. Also visit the caves that grace the island and engross yourself in the mythology surrounding them. Tours of Gozo usually include a trip to the Calypso Cave where Calypso has said to keep Odysseus, and the caves of Xaghra.

The clear waters of Gozo and its beautiful beaches, such as that of Ramla L-hamra, should be worth visiting. Diving enthusiasts can also try Gozo's alluring dive sites, considered as one of the best in the Mediterranean. A visit to the Blue Hole, the Inland See and the Fungus Rock, will allow you to see fascinating seascape that can not be seen elsewhere.

Gozo is home to many of Malta's pride tourist spots. Tours of Gozo should definitely not be missed if you would like your Malta holiday to be as fascinating as can be.

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