Tours of Malta


Tours of Malta

Tours of Malta - Tours to the Heart of the Mediterranean

Lying in the center of the Mediterranean is the small Maltese archipelago which is visited by thousands of tourists yearly for great reasons. Malta has so much to offer as a holiday destination, and tours of Malta are most popular in the summer when the population is at least tripled.

Malta tourism is thriving well as more and more tourists discover this hidden gem. If you have not experienced tours of Malta before, you are very lucky to have something great to look forward to.

With its year round sunshine and ideal climate, a Malta vacation is an ideal holiday destination. As you tour around the island, you can experience its laid back, relaxing lifestyle and appreciate the views that you may not see elsewhere in the world. There are different options for Malta excursions. You can take a tour around its historic landmarks and witness history as it was 7000 years ago. You can walk through its various walking and hiking trails just outside of the city center and appreciate Malta's lush valleys and quiet villages. You can bask in the Mediterranean sun, get a tan, or simply enjoy life's simple pleasures. Those who would like more sea adventure can choose from a wide variety of water sports and adventures such as para sailing, windsurfing, yachting and scuba diving. Indeed, tours of Malta has something to offer to everyone of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyle.

Tours of Malta should include its magnificent landmarks. A trip to Valletta will take you to the magnificent Grand Harbor, the beautiful historical structures such as the Grand Palace, the Auberge de Castille, and the St. John's Co. Cathedral. You can also check out the museums nearby for an even greater appreciation of Malta's rich history.

Malta also has great wine and dining options to choose from. Their restaurants range from Mediterranean to European to Oriental cuisine. Fish is a local specialty and if you enjoy eating fish, Malta can provide you with the ultimate dining experience.

A visit to the surburban villages of Mdina and Rabat will take you to a place that is different from the crowded city center. In Mdina, you can enjoy walking through the quaint houses and the narrow roads, and feel the silence of the city with all its awe and mystery.

Another highlight of tours of Malta is joining the locals as they celebrates their lively fiestas all throughout the year with food, drinks, dancing and lively fireworks. According to people, Maltese people are one of the happiest people in the world, and your Maltese experience will surely be more memorable as you experience their warmth and hospitality.

Malta has been described to be an open-air museum. There is much to see in this Mediterranean destination than meets the eye. It is the perfect vacation spot for those who want to enjoy history at its best and the beauty of the MEditerranean. Book tours of Malta now and experience all these and more.

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