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Valletta Tours

Valletta Tours

Everyone visiting Malta should not miss Valletta tours. Valletta is the capital city of Malta, so it is just but right to start any Malta exploration with its most important area. Valletta was built way back in 1565 and is Malta's commercial and administrative center today.

Most Valletta tours are walking tours that you can take as leisurely as possible. Valletta tours can be easily done on your own, or with an escort guide. Walking through the streets of Valletta, you can see remnants of Malta's rich history through structures like palaces and baroque churches. You will see beautiful exhibits of Roman and Neo-classic architecture, remnants of the Renaissance, courtyards filled with bronze statuaries.

Must see places for Valletta tours include the following:

Auberge de Castile. Auberge de Castille et de Leon is one of Valletta’s most popular and splendid buildings, with its magnificent facade dominating the entire square. Its dominant feature is the bust of the Grand Master surmounted on the doorway of the building facade, flanked by columns and cannons. It is the official residence of the Prime Minister.

Grand Master's Palace and Courtyards. One of the main highlight of Valletta tours include a visit in the center of Valletta where the Palace Square, featuring the Grand Master's Palace is situated.

Upper Barracca Gardens. This place is 60 meters above sea level and Valletta tours are graced with magnificent views of the Grand Harbor. It also features beautiful botanic display and several beautifully laid out statues.

Palazzo Parisio. Near the Auberge de Castile is Palazzo Parisio which was built in the 18th century with its 3-story Neo Classical facade. It is now the base for the Ministry of Commonwealth Foreign Affairs.

Fort St Elmo. Fort St Elmo has an in house war museum featuring relics of the world war. This place is a must see in Valletta tours, most especially for history buffs. Fort St Elmo is a haven of historical exhibits dating from 1798 until 1945.

Archbishop's Palace and the Auberge d'Aragon. This imposing edifice was built in 1624 and is one of the most remarkable structures in Valletta.

Valletta also offers more church structures that are worth visiting during Valletta tours such as the Jesuit Church, St James, St. Mary, St. Paul's Angelican Cathedral, The Carmelite Church and the very famous Church of St Paul the Shipwrecked.

While enjoying Valletta tours, tourists can find a wide selection of stops along the way. You can enjoy a sip of strong coffee or taste the local pastries and delicacies.

A half day tour is enough for Valletta tours. In a span of a few hours, you can enjoy the rich history and culture that surrounds the capital city of Malta.

You will enjoy Valletta as a historically impressive fortress which remains to be the commercial center of the island. It resembles New York City as it gently mixes Baroque architecture with beautifully designed soaring skyscrapers. There is no reason to miss this place, Valletta tours are definitely like no other.


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